Conferences & Events

 Spectrum boasts a team of expert technicans that will assist you with every facet of production for your next conference, boardmeeting, product launch or awards evening. 


Visual Production

 Our LED screens are the perfect tool for making presentations and concerts more appealing. Live image to screen or presenting your conference slides in stunning quality, we can offer a large screen solution, video production and experienced crew to pull it all together! 


Lighting Production

 Our lighting designs cover everything from floodlighting camp grounds to lighting rock festivals and big dance parties with intelligent lighting and special colour effects. 


Sound Production

 We can supply Sound Production for: large flown concert systems, Theater, Band Gigs, Corporate Shows, School Productions, Sporting events. 



 Staging is always an important part of the event, we supply large scale staging solutions that are both safe and visually appealing. From a small stage, through to a large truck stage, we have the staging solution for your next event. 


Event Power Reticulation

 Our electricians use certified outdoor cables and distribution boxes, to take the power where it is needed safely and reliably. 


House Tech Booking Form

We manage the technical requirements for a number of venues around our city.