Archibalds Volvo XC90 Launch Event

Spectrum was pleased to be involved in pulling off the covers of the re-vamped Volvo XC90 for Archibalds at The Tannary. Pre-rigging for this event started on Tuesday evening, setting up lights and special effect CO2 cannons. A full band sound system to cover The Tannary’s unique boulevard. As well as our LED screen for visual presentations.

30 square metres of Staging, all of the bands equipment and the cars were brought in after closing time on Thursday night, and within two hours we were ready for guest arrival. Our technical team planned all of the elements of the show to be programmed and ready for the realitvley short pack in time and exicuted it perfectly.

I can honestly say I’ve never in my motor industry days been so proud to represent a car brand. People were excited, interested and completely blown away by the experience and hospitality…….and the car!

Steve Kenchington – General Manager, Volvo New Zealand